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From the desk of Dr. Lynn Kerew:

Hello Fellow Patients, Practitioners and Friends –
I am no longer in clinical practice.  It was a wonderful 16 years (1996 – 2010) and a perfect launchpad for what I have been doing since selling my clinic in 2010. 
No – I am not retired – contrary to popular rumors!!  I have too much energy, motivation and passion for the issues facing people with pain and that will not ever stop given my stride thus far!

I still work within the healthcare field.  The difference is that now I can help more people on a broader scale by working with companies in the Medical Device and Biotech industries.  These companies produce or sell products and services that help millions of people suffering from orthopedic, neurological, physical rehabilitative and chronic pain management conditions.

If you are in the Medical Device, Biotech or Pharma field and would like to meet or speak with me, I would absolutely enjoy hearing from you and how my consultative business development and sales expertise will positively impact your company’s bottom line.  You can reach me directly at and I can provide you with my direct contact information from there. 

For a synopsis of my background and testimonials/recommendations, please go to

Don't forget to visitMy Blog for fantastic articles and information
on ergonomics, pain management and wellness.
Follow me on Twitter and Facebook:!/lynnkerew

I also have a refreshingly interesting and unique ergonomic website:  Unique as it is written by a clinical ergonomist and not just somebody trying to sell products.  I have hand selected items that make a definite difference with your work, leisure, sleep and recreation ergonomics.  Go for it and be safe at the same time!

Santa Monica Chiropractor
Dr. Lynn Kerew D.C., M.P.H.

Spinal Decompression Specialist for Disc Related Pain

Pain Due to Computer Use

Corporate Chiropractic for Electronic Arts - Los Angeles

Personal Injury Chiropractor - Auto Accident Specialist


Lynn Kerew Chiropractic recently featured on American Health Journal! Watch the video below!
Lynn Kerew was recently on the Dr. DeSilva Radio Show!
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September's 2010's Newsletter:

Sciatica and leg pain

Your sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in your body. When such a large nerve becomes inflamed the condition is called sciatica (pronounced si'ad-a'ka) and the pain can be intense! The pain may follow the path of your nerve - down the back of your legs and thighs, down to your ankle, foot and toes - but it can also radiate to your back with burning, pins and needles or tingling. Ugh! 


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Endorsed by two of the top
Internal Medicine Doctors in Los Angeles

"I refer all my patients with chiropractic needs to Dr Lynn Kerew D.C. M.P.H. . It is such a pleasure referring patients who invariably let me know how much better they feel after their chiropractic treatments.

Dr Kerew D.C. M.P.H. is kind, thoughtful, and puts patients at ease. She is an outstanding chiropractor, who works passionately to serve her patients. I recommend her most highly, and without reservations."

Dr Kevin Pimstone, Internal Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine,
UCLA School of Medicine

"I am a Family Physician practicing in Santa Monica. Dr. Lynn Kerew D.C. M.P.H. is very caring and competent. My patients have been quite satisfied with her care."

Lawrence D. Dardick, MD Santa Monica Bay Physicians

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